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Phew an entire day of drawing and I'l finally donnnee :')
Its been an interesting year, I haven't been on for the majority of the second half unfortunately. So I haven't kept in touch with most of the people I used to and that always sucks. I'm really sorry I haven't ;w;''''''
But here we go!
1. Earthsong9405
One of my biggest inspirations on DA like her art is so beautiful just look at her Gallery if you haven't already! And also, this is her nextgen character! They look so amazing ;o; in fact every one of the designs I see earthsong make is like fantastic O I had the great honour of meeting Earthsong a while back at bronycon and uuuuu wish I could go again . Thanks so much for being so nice and amazing like both personality and art >v<
Another senpai I also got to meet at bronycon last year too huffff thank you for being so sweet and the picture too haha :'3 She's one of earliest mlp artists I watched because have you seen those smooth drawing and colours? O
Thank you so much for all your kind comments and gifts, even though I was a butt sometimes and late replying haha
4. Katputze
We started watching each other a long time ago and I think its been really fun to see each other's art change haha XD The realism in your art is fantastic! That detaill We haven't talked too much recently, but I hope your doing well!
5. LeafyFox
when i started off I didn't have a lot of watchers and pretttttty bad art too.. So thank you for inspiring me to keep drawing when I first started off with my bad drawings haha, it meant a lot c:
6. Konveekou
I think we met in a pretty funny way haha XD but ahhh I've loved seeing your art so much and watching your livestreams when i do manage to catch them. (psst you're really cute XD, those livestream reactions uweee ) Thank you always for all those kind comments and being so sweet ;u; I've been a butt and inactive though mm but I promise I still stalk your drawings p
7. SpiderShii
Ayyyyyyyyyyyy We need to hang out during the break C:< My closest friend whom i've been friends for many years. Has some amazing line skill. its a long long story, she really got me into drawing in almost every aspect your could think of. An amazing person and I think some rivalry between us inspired me to draw harder haha XD

Anyways, happy holidays to you all and all my watchers as well, onwards to next year!
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