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safe1636021 screencap213343 starlight glimmer46411 pony901136 unicorn293654 father knows beast870 bath2776 bathtub1647 bathtub gag26 bubble bath338 claw foot bathtub331 female1302132 hat81503 levitation11378 magic69565 magic aura3477 magic bubble99 mare448154 self-levitation593 shower cap68 solo1017589 suds154 telekinesis26156 twilight's castle3647


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Background Pony #C4D3
I'm here for the English release. AND OOOOH WHAT THE HAY AM I WATCHING RIGHT HERE!?!?
Background Pony #36CA
@Background Pony #7D1A
Why Starlight especially ? Dont get me wrong ,i'm not bashing the character but Glim is an acquaintance of Spike at best,his adoptive/surrogate mother roommate.Nothing shown so far show that Spike consider Glim more than a good friend (for example,the same degree of friendship with either Pinkie Pie or Rainbow Dash,Rarity is a special case)