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Smolder: Yeah, wiping us out within thirty minutes wasn’t fun.

Gallus: Well you shouldn’t have just wandered into an unknown corridor without using your abilities in advance.

Sandbar: It was only the second corridor they encountered. Putting an army of raging mutant puckwudgies there was a little bit harsh.

Gallus: The signs were all there if you looked for them.

Ocellus: ANYWAY. I’m really looking forward to the next game! Are we still on for tomorrow night?

Yona: Yes! Yona ready to smash and charge and smash some more!

Silverstream: Yeah! Although if you could charge between my character and the enemies, I’d really appreciate that Yona. Arrows hurt my little MagiGriff!

Yona: Yona promises no headbutting of walls this time to search for secrets.

Ocellus: Every three paces.


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Student Six
No, it's more like setting your friends up to fail.
A good Game Master in a D&D Game will have the game be challenging but possible. A bad one will make the game impossible, possibly alluding to having to fight insurmountable odds, which is what the strip is alluding to.
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