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Equestria at War!

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On this Nightmare Night, we will get to see Queen Galaxia unveil her alter ego for the celebrations and holiday of horror. For Nightmare Pulsar will bring terror and fright to all the little fillies and colts. All the while Tommy and the rest of the royal family enjoy the festivities and fun the holiday brings. Including lots of candy and excitement!!

Done by the lovely CandyClumsy

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safe1637128 artist:candyclumsy611 big macintosh27387 flash sentry12343 princess cadance31484 princess celestia92217 princess luna96434 shining armor22338 trouble shoes1098 twilight sparkle291439 oc641506 oc:king speedy hooves289 oc:queen galaxia309 alicorn210571 earth pony223123 pegasus264961 unicorn294215 comic:nightmare pulsar35 alicorn oc24412 bathroom2029 blushing186127 canterlot5447 canterlot castle2031 comic104551 commissioner:bigonionbean1783 costume26353 dialogue61947 female1303073 fusion4879 fusion:king speedy hooves290 fusion:queen galaxia260 hair bun3101 husband and wife1393 jewelry56992 kissing23427 male350340 nightmare night4675 nuzzling3788 regalia18089 thought bubble3184 thump25 twilight sparkle (alicorn)119818 writer:bigonionbean1513


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