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Asphyxiation doesn't necessarily have to be strangulation. If you hit them in the throat hard enough with the handle, you can collapse their trachea, which will suffocate them all the same.
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"Lauren, hey, good news, the board decided to move forward with producing your MLP revamp."
"Really? I thought you said they were probably going to decide against it."
"It's the strangest thing… three of the board members who were most against it disappeared recently."
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And that's how Celestia knew Twilight needed to learn the magic of friendship.
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Equestria clearly has a short statute of limitations on murder which is why Twilight can say this, or because she was acquitted she can say it because otherwise it would be double jeopardy. However, she can not go into @Plko2 's correct assertion because neither of these have passed (yet).