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Originally posted on: 2 May 2017
safe1616377 artist:omegapony16678 pinkie pie207546 princess luna95539 oc627613 oc:oriponi420 alicorn206215 bat pony45044 earth pony216195 pony884216 bat pony oc15080 bomb587 cake9206 candle4374 clothes426288 ear piercing23178 earring18969 ethereal mane6989 female1286657 food64332 glowing horn17723 hand8121 hoof hold7643 horn52186 implied death2448 jewelry55337 magic68471 magic hands769 mare439716 ok hand sign55 peytral3006 piercing37005 simple background361468 starry mane3575 this will end in death2239 this will end in tears3185 this will not end well1475 tiara3470 vest3645 walkie talkie72 weapon28453 white background90397


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