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I'm guessing Blueblood really cleaned up his act. Lol.

You should name their daughter, Flower Bouquet. Or you could name her, Royal Bouquet, like the G3 pony.
safe1635874 artist:springthornwillow6 prince blueblood3961 rarity175622 oc640748 oc:flower bouquet2 pony901013 unicorn293594 alternate hairstyle26226 base used17494 clothes434105 deviantart watermark2972 dress42086 ear piercing23863 earring19474 family4251 female1302022 filly62688 floral head wreath1913 flower23824 jewelry56878 male349987 necklace16828 obtrusive watermark4102 offspring36135 parent:prince blueblood774 parent:rarity3819 parents:rariblood85 piercing37908 rariblood157 sandals4027 shipping191104 simple background369492 straight129675 tiara3599 watermark14964 white background91646


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