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I liek collars
safe (1487257) artist:pabbley (2189) rainbow dash (209951) pegasus (207718) pony (765636) adorasexy (8128) alternate hairstyle (22290) belly (22115) belly button (62203) bracelet (7052) bronybait (2697) chubby (11855) clothes (376581) collar (26044) cute (160127) dashabetes (7184) dialogue (54014) female (811776) jewelry (43009) mare (366813) ponytail (14037) rainbow dash always dresses in style (1424) sexy (20427) shorts (10822) socks (52170) solo (915125) standing (8908) stupid sexy rainbow dash (1363) tanktop (6144)


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22 comments posted

Chokers too; i've heard they're good for snapping.

Same, but its more easy to believe if you envision dash only acting this way after beginning to date a stallion with a will stronger than her own who demands that she femme up a little…