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Adorkable Twilight & Friends – “Shut Down″
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Background Pony #A887
Why do I feel that this will shadow Spike's final arc in this comic where he has to make a decision and the mares in his life will seek him out like this to help him do it?
Background Pony #0F41
It just continues to friendship Pinkie and Moondancer made early on and how Spike promised he would hang out with them both. It's sweet they still do it.
Background Pony #037E
Everyone's got preferences, but some are more important than others. Personally, the most important thing is someone that'll love me and stay as loyal and faithful to me as I'll be to her while also keeping a respectful distance: I don't need to be everything in her life, nor does she need to be everything to me; I can have my friends away from her and she can have her friends away from me, so long as there's trust that we'll stay together as a loving couple.

I had a type till I met my fiancee who is none of those things. Just talk to people and be yourself and aim for friendship and sometimes eventually you can find the right mate!
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Possible Biosyn spy
I'm guessing the offscreen twins they were looking at in the first panel were Flitter and Cloudchaser. And that Flitter was the one he picked.