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Careful what you wish for
suggestive135312 artist:tjpones3456 adagio dazzle12403 aria blaze9428 sonata dusk13065 oc642924 oc:anon11317 human148613 equestria girls191114 armpits42117 bait and switch607 bed38684 bed hair246 black and white12337 boxers605 bra15008 braless787 breasts260763 butt46871 casual nudity6297 clothed female nude female2727 clothed male nude female1549 clothes435539 comic104696 dialogue62027 drool23592 female1304990 grayscale36675 hands on shoulder50 harem872 massage1022 monochrome146089 nudity350749 onomatopoeia3770 panties48175 partial nudity19011 pillow16770 shirt22988 sleeping22544 sleeping in the nude416 sleeping with sirens353 snoring635 sound effects1877 the dazzlings4182 topless11920 underwear58137 undressing4976 zzz2317


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Background Pony #4329
Actually looks kinda comfy. I've had worse sleeping arrangements than that.
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