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safe1638414 artist:shykahgs-artz0 oc642376 oc:eclipse dark crystal0 oc:shyni moon sparkle0 alicorn210905 bat pony46262 bat pony alicorn1851 pony904090 cloud28923 deviantart watermark2984 ear piercing23948 eyes closed86137 female1304290 kissing23437 male350778 mare449275 obtrusive watermark4117 oc x oc14205 offspring36218 parent:king sombra1177 parent:oc:prince artemis0 parent:princess luna2096 parent:twilight sparkle7831 parents:canon x oc1653 parents:lumbra295 piercing38030 pregnant12722 shipping191432 stallion100497 watermark15009