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Originally posted on: May 6, 2016
2/2 mini wuts for daydreamsyndrom
Hope you like em!
Good news I'm not dead! Just been busy will a lot of stoof but i'm kicking it into overdrive for these commissions!
if you would like the separate file for Dream I'll note it to you!
safe (1489500) artist:peachesandcreamated (213) earth pony (168183) pegasus (208657) pony (767520) animated (87567) annoyed (4591) blushing (162688) clothes (377265) eyebrows visible through hair (524) floating wings (835) frown (20413) gif (25921) glasses (49939) heart (39785) pictogram (1667) sad (21390) simple background (311258) sitting (49421) transparent background (162332) unshorn fetlocks (20030) wide eyes (15403) wings (59609)


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