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Originally posted on: April 5, 2016
This is a OTA
Offer more than $7.00/700
You can resell only for what you paid for unless you have art of them
Gifting/trading is allowed
you can alter the design slightly and change the species/gender
You can offer art but I prefer money

Beach pone: OPEN
Primal hunter pone: OPEN
Nature pone: CLOSED belongs to kas992 ($8.00)
(^ She actually comes with a cutie mark if the winner is interested)
safe1558279 artist:peachesandcreamated215 oc595786 oc only405374 earth pony191812 pony829326 unicorn258886 clothes402382 ear piercing20999 earring17460 earth pony oc3017 floral head wreath1808 flower21741 hoof fluff1100 horn40836 jewelry49347 nose piercing2198 nose ring1797 piercing34046 simple background338926 smiling210993 transparent background176652 unicorn oc3940


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