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@Phantom Rider
Agreed. Danny sure is, without doubt, the only top prominent and well-developed human boy character throughout My Little Pony universe's history since the 1st generation in the 1980s. He's the original Brony, also resourceful, fearless, badass, the best leader… And Danny has saved Ponyland from Squirk, the Gizmonks, a gang of dragon bullies…

I'd LOVE more episodes featuring Danny and Surprise, along with all the other mares, together, like hanging out, saving the day… Also, all kinds of video games would've been made by playing as Danny in first-person, third-person…
Phantom Rider

You are already booped.
I really wish they'd had more than this one episode together. I could watch a show JUST about these two driving villains insane with their antics.
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