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Fleece always wanted to be on stage. Trixie looks really good in white. Seems like a perfect match :D
safe1640411 artist:badumsquish1883 derpibooru exclusive26598 trixie65103 oc643711 oc:fleece2 ghost2534 ghost pony458 ittan-momen3 monster pony3280 object pony748 original species23213 pony905942 unicorn295876 youkai131 admiring35 bow26577 cloth228 clothes436068 dark4417 duo54779 eyes closed86334 female1306029 floating3756 forest9544 happy29513 levitation11429 living clothes112 magic69804 mirror4966 night24790 open mouth133636 ponified39512 raised eyebrow6387 raised hoof42135 red eyes5644 smiling230502 telekinesis26253


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"This morning, the famous magician Trixie Lulamoon was found--" Static cuts off the signal for a bit, then continues. "--cause of death is determined to be asphyxia--" More static. You bang your fist on the radio three times in frustration. Finally, the signal clears up again. "-- after coroners found strips of cotton lodged deep in her throa--" The broadcast suddenly ends. No static this time, just... Silence. Feeling uneasy, you glance out the window...

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Well that clean white cloth is a living, sapient being in and of herself, so I'm sure Rarity would only dye her with her consent.
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Two T r i x i e pieces from Badum in a row – what a treat!

The blue magician sure seems to get along well with all things long and noodly! This is adorable. :D
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i bet fleeces older sister silk is living with celestia while her younger sister cashmere is living with twilight.
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Not only does she get to be on stage, she gets to cuddle a Trixie the whole while. I see a lot of jealous lamia fanmail in her near future.
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