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Fleece always wanted to be on stage. Trixie looks really good in white. Seems like a perfect match :D
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Background Pony #7A20
Well that clean white cloth is a living, sapient being in and of herself, so I'm sure Rarity would only dye her with her consent.
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Two T r i x i e pieces from Badum in a row – what a treat!

The blue magician sure seems to get along well with all things long and noodly! This is adorable. :D
Background Pony #0556
i bet fleeces older sister silk is living with celestia while her younger sister cashmere is living with twilight.
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A Clever Message
Not only does she get to be on stage, she gets to cuddle a Trixie the whole while. I see a lot of jealous lamia fanmail in her near future.