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Wearing full-body latex + being mummified = Fun!


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@Background Pony #6A32
How did you do the mummification?

It was a mutli-step process:

1. Pose an anthro pony body in Gmod
2. Add Vinyl's head on top.
3. Add a latex material to the body.
4. Take a picture.
5. Add an enlarged carpet material to the body.
6. Take another picture.
7. Combine both pictures in GIMP and layer them on top of the other.
8. Digitally erase the carpet material over the legs.
9. Do some cloning and smudging to merge Vinyl's legs together.
10. Post the picture so people can fap to it.

Hope that helps!
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Background Pony #E2A3
"Wearing full-body latex + being mummified = Fun"!

Having this animated so we can watch her struggle and squirm = FANTASTIC!
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