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Winter Wrap Up, Winter Wrap Up. Let’s finish our Black Friday cheer.
(Original sketch:

The fluffy white snow may be floating downward all over Equestria, but that certainly meant the weather was getting colder and colder by the minute. Every pony and creature put on sweaters and scarfs or went into their homes to light the fireplaces, all to be hugged by the soft embrace of warmth. In the morning at Canterlot, a lovely lamia woke up, in some nice soft robes to keep her pony body warm, but it was the coily part of her body that was troubled. Saffron shivered and tried to get under the soft blankets, she lit the fireplace and made sure all the windows were closed. The mare tried to keep herself completely warm, but her coils were indeed cold and in need of something to warm them up. Or rather, somepony.

Sketchy was still asleep, hugging his pillow and being very comfy asleep. Saffron slithered towards him and booped his muzzle to wake him up, only for him to mumble and roll up in the blankets. The lamia giggled, seeing that he wouldn’t wake up that easily. So instead, her tail sneakingly gets under the covers, gently circling around the sleepy stallion from his hind hooves to his neck. Sketchy shivered at the touch of the cool coils, but soon the nice squishy and clingy feeling was comforting. Saffron made him let go of the pillow, putting his hooves into the cocoon, having the pony fully covered with her beautiful coils. She slithered down from the bedroom and near the fireplace, squishing the sleepy pony’s body and nuzzling her head against his, sighing in bliss as she was getting the warmth she needed.

It took a few minutes for Sketchy to wake up, seeing himself in the living room and in coils instead of blankets. He turned to Saffron who gave a cute pout, explaining that she was getting cold and wanted somepony to keep her coils warm. Even though it’s only been a few minutes, Saffron asked for her to keep him coiled throughout the day, not wanting her coils to shiver and to keep her stallion comfy and close by. With a few little kisses to his head and soft squeezes, the blushy Sketchy was convinced easily and didn’t mind to be in her coils all day. Happily clapping her hooves, Saffron hugged Sketchy’s head, nuzzling endlessly as the two snuggled up and warmed each other’s hearts til nighttime.

More lamia Saffyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.~

I stuck with this idea of Saffron feeling cold and wanting her coils snug and warm like her pony body, so she snags a pone herself to snuggle. It sounded cute and I get to draw coils with it.

Instead of her usual attire, I gave Saffron soft fluffy robes, I figured it’d be time to have her wear some of the comfy garments. I also wanted the doodle to be a bit more festive since we’re finally in December and nearing Christmas, so I put in a holiday tree and a couple of lights. Not entirely sure if I’ll be able to make a legitimate Christmas doodle, so this can make a good alternative.

Saffron Masala-Hasbro
Sketchy Dupe-SnakeyThingy
safe1635874 artist:snakeythingy327 saffron masala1599 oc640748 oc:sketchy dupe51 lamia1950 monster pony3270 original species23078 snake2593 snake pony594 canon x oc23346 christmas13683 christmas tree4055 clothes434105 coils1050 cuddling8008 fireplace2637 holiday18939 looking at each other18238 robe3451 sketchffron23 story included8513 tree30250


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