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safe1637048 alternate version39951 artist:nekocrispy677 gallus6329 griffon25540 anthro245114 the last problem5268 belly26647 bhm1399 big belly10037 chest fluff35355 dialogue61945 fat21009 flabbus15 gallus is not amused137 grumpy2437 helmet10221 looking at you156401 male350294 moobs372 nudity350064 obese10904 out of shape26 overweight363 patreon12126 patreon logo8432 royal guard gallus83 solo1018312 stupid sexy gallus26 thought bubble3184 unamused14996


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Nazi's are censorship
I'm getting fat Thor flashbacks. Sorry, I wasn't planning on making Avengers:Endgame references on this site. Nice pic though.
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