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The later years haven’t been too kind to Gallus, with the lack of any threats as of late (thanks to Twilight now ruling Equestria) he hasn’t had any reason to stay in shape.
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@Jonny Manz

Spongebob Narrator: FOUR HOURS LATER

(Silverstream and Gallus both lay naked on their now sweat soaked bed)

Silverstream: WOW…Who would’ve thought that going ten rounds in a row could be so tiring? I mean HOLY COW, I had no idea I could bend like that! Wasn’t that crazy?!

Gallus: …

Silverstream: Gallus…?

Gallus: There is… nothing left… in me… Silver, I love you with everything I have… but PLEASE… no more for tonight… I can’t feel my legs anymore…

Silverstream: Okay sweetie… that’s enough for tonight…

(Silverstream cuddles up next to Gallus, who then holds her close)

Silverstream: …Besides, if we’re gonna get you back into shape, we’re gonna need to rest up for the next time…

Gallus: (Eyes bolt open)
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Silverstream: Oh Gallus, don’t be so hard on yourself! You may be a bit…chubby; but you are still every bit as handsome and sexy as I remember you to be!

Gallus: …I am?

Silverstream: Of course silly! You’re also the bravest and most kind griffon I have ever met. That was one of many reasons why I married you.

Gallus: (Finally smiles and blushes) I love you too,Silver.

Silverstream: Besides… (Leans in closer) It doesn’t matter what you look like, you’re an absolute demon in the bedroom…

Gallus: (Turns even more red) Uh…

Silverstream: And if you’re still concerned about your weight, I did read that love-making is a great way to lose some pounds…

Gallus: …I’m not gonna talk my way out of this am I?

Silverstream: NOPE! (Pulls him into an intense kiss and pulls him into their bedroom)
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Background Pony #F9F0
Not really objecting to the fat so much as that pose. Love you, Gallus…just not in that way.
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Bespectacled Birbcat
i uh

i mean, i'm sure his pride would keep him in the gym

even if he's a little chubby he can also be buff; i think it's called musclegut
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