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After finally reaching my $300 Patreon goal, the models are finally going to be released! If you want to try them out yourself, check this DA Journal linked here

As for this render itself, I made it to show the three models I intended to release: Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, and Rarity. I picked these three first for now as it would provide one of each race of pony. One Earth, One Pegasus, and One Unicorn. Each type has their own quirks, and I felt like it would be important to have them all out there at the same time. And another reason I picked these three and not any of the other models I have is that these models are already closest to being up to date and synced with the latest version. Currently, Rainbow Dash is getting a serious rework to her mane and tail, and AJ will likely receive a similar treatment. Coloratura is a bit behind on her version, and Pear Butter even more so. So these three are by far the most optimal and the most convenient to release first.

I also haven't done something like this in a while where I have more than one model on screen in a single render. The last time I did this for a still render was with Coloratura and AJ way back before I even started working on Pinkie Pie I believe. It was a while ago.

Also this scene that was used to make this render will also be provided in the Download as well. So you can freely look at how I used all of the deform and controller bones all over each of the model's rigs to see how I achieved these final poses.

Special thanks to my patrons:
Katharine Berry
Kii Krindar
Gabe Klein
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Yet One More Idiot
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World's biggest idiot xD
The first time I saw this image on devianTART, I swear I thought this was a photograph of a sculpted model of the three of them, rather than a digital 3D-rendered image.

I do not have enough internets to give you. Fantastic work!
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I've always been aware that his is probably an inevitable side-effect whenever it came time to release these models (Also just imagine how the people feel who make models and such for video games, where their models can usually be easily ripped and used for anything). Obviously I wouldn't release them if this was the only possibility because I'm really not passionate about that kind of stuff and it's not why I've been working on these models for years, but I do genuinely believe people will gain a lot from knowing what I do to make my models the way they are, and even I can benefit greatly if people are willing to provide feedback on the model.

The fact that this is literally the first time since nearly a decade that 3D Pony models (no SFM doesn't count) are made public.

Well, 2snacks did, but it was only Fluttershy and the file was an absolute mess.