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Originally posted on: 6 Apr 2017


safe1636023 artist:omegapony16678 dj pon-328626 vinyl scratch28626 oc640816 oc:oriponi420 bat pony46131 pony901137 unicorn293654 armor22645 bat pony oc15639 bipedal32423 confused4460 ear piercing23863 earring19474 face mask504 fangs23333 female1302133 food65735 frown22067 glare8123 gritted teeth11140 hanging1668 hoof hold7816 jewelry56891 lidded eyes28795 looking down7828 mare448155 peeking647 pictogram1885 piercing37914 pizza1824 question mark4248 rope10859 spread wings50619 sunglasses13671 suspended2762 sweatdrop2964 thought bubble3183 vinyl disc45 wings92250


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Background Pony #4F51
I have no idea what it's saying but this is funny and Vinyl has cutey expression so much appreciated
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