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It had been less than an hour since the pride parade downtown and Iron had a good time. Though, he wished he could say the same for his boyfriend, Quasar. While having lunch with him, his father, and aunts, Sunset and Twilight, Iron found out what had been troubling his lover for the past week. Quasar had come out to his parents, hoping they'd understand his sexuality. Instead, he was met with revulsion, hate, yelling, and disownment, forcing him to live in a shelter with only some clothes and few comforts.

Angered and being reminded of once being an orphan, Iron's father, Azure Glide, brought Quasar to live at his house to give the teen some proper shelter. Despite being welcomed with open arms by him and Celaeno, Quasar still felt heartbroken that those who brought him into the world would reject him for being himself. Sitting in his room, Iron did his best to comfort Quasar, clutching the rainbow beanie Azure bought for him. Yet, it did very little to lift his spirits as he began crying.

Not being able to bear seeing his boyfriend cry, Iron pulled him for a warm embrace, rubbing his back in a soothing motion while whispering reassurances. When he calmed down, Iron still felt that Quasar still felt isolated, never a good thing for on in his position. Holding his hands in his, Iron reassured him with the same words his father spoke to him when he came out.

"Remember, you're loved no matter what."

Leaning in, Iron and Quasar shared their first kiss together before breaking away for some air. Though brief, it had an effect that Quasar had never felt before. It was like love but a different form of it. It was only at school that they confessed their love for one another but a simple gesture like a kiss sealed it. Quasar loved Iron very much and knew he was perfect for him. Though years away, he knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with him but that is a tale for another time. Just as they were about to lean in for another, they were interrupted by the sound of Azure's voice, letting them know that they were due to go out for dinner soon. Still, with their first kiss, Iron and Quasar reinforced the bond between them.
safe1639657 artist:pabrony8357 oc643245 oc:iron wingheart16 oc:quasar(wingman)6 human148662 equestria girls191189 arm around back28 beanie3422 bed38706 bedroom9421 blanket5043 clothes435775 comforting1207 commission61376 crying41566 detroit lions6 detrot16 equestria girls-ified9085 flannel shirt61 gay26122 gay pride flag352 hand on shoulder260 hat81814 hoodie13108 male351236 pillow16777 plushie22930 poster5070 pride1495 sad23474 shoes33603 sitting59070 story included8541 teary eyes3711 teenager4426


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