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Sadly, AJ only got to see Autumn Blaze in one episode. I think a reunion between these two is long overdue.

Speaking of being overdue, this drawing is something I've been meaning to draw since September. I'd originally meant it to be my 200 watcher thank-you, but that goal kinda whizzed by while I was in the middle of other projects. I was kind of afraid to start on this drawing for fear of screwing it up. It's definitely different than I'd originally imagined it. In some ways, it's even better.
safe (1487865) artist:rocket-lawnchair (54) applejack (152597) autumn blaze (2826) earth pony (167769) kirin (5525) pony (766371) applejack's hat (4410) awwtumn blaze (518) cloud (29747) cowboy hat (11510) crying (37333) cute (160285) duo (42565) duo female (6499) female (812535) fence (2283) field (893) hat (69644) jackabetes (4633) mare (367368) quadrupedal (1342) running (4872) scenery (6708) smiling (194197) tears of joy (1838)


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Background Pony #1F50
I'm sure they spoke at the coronation

Yeah, also the episodes aren't like the only thing that happens in their lifes.