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Principal Celestia: "Wait, where's everybody going? Doesn't anyone want to learn about the three different types of rock?"
safe1636775 screencap213484 heath burns408 princess celestia92200 rarity175711 sci-twi22933 starlight747 twilight sparkle291378 eqg summertime shorts2823 equestria girls190756 subs rock144 book31950 bowtie9401 bracelet8554 canterlot high2592 chalkboard2706 classroom1567 clothes434508 cutie mark43964 cutie mark accessory336 cutie mark on clothes1576 desk3056 female1302750 glasses58119 jewelry56961 male350224 notebook536 ponytail16707 principal celestia3368 talking5045 textbook37


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The REAL Celestia should be lucky she doesn’t have to go through with this.
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