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Im bored and getting a little to uncomfortable with my old designs. So a little mini-series in the redesigns.



Pinkie Pie x Cheese Sandwich
Strawberry Pie (formerly Strawberry Icecream):
Strawberry(unlike her family) has a mostly dull personality, perfering quiet spaces to read, sleep, and of course make some icecream for an upcoming party or just for her family. Being so unlike the family, she is prone to small periods of depression, though her siblings are quick to pick up on it and go to comfort her immediately. She will quickly warm up to a new pony wanting to be her friend.

Vanilla Pie (new boy!):
He is the complete middle ground between his siblings. Being this perfect mix, he knows how to calm down his siblings if they're upset. Primarily he bakes cakes but he can also whip up a batch of all kinds of cookies be it sugar or just plain ol' chocolate chip. His favorite thing to do though, is cuddling up with his parents on a "lazy" day, just sleeping.

Chocolate Pie (formerly Honey Surprise):
She is the most like her parents, jumpy, happy, and can probably appear behind you in .1 seconds. Her personality is a bubbly mess and she actually dosen't make friends well. She does try, though she most likely dosen't succeed. When shes alone she questions herself, is she good enough? Are her parents disappointed in her? Will she ever find someone to love her? She hides this self-loathing pretty well.
safe1615699 artist:lepiswerid61 oc627105 oc only418324 oc:chocolate pie (lepiswerid)2 oc:strawberry pie (lepiswerid)1 oc:vanilla pie (lepiswerid)1 earth pony215938 pony883479 black background4910 colored hooves5054 female1286169 male343828 marsverse35 offspring35370 parent:cheese sandwich1655 parent:pinkie pie3729 parents:cheesepie1421 siblings7122 simple background361204 unshorn fetlocks22409


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