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Bored, suffering from a very annoying case of art block, so I decided to doodle Rarity. Might do the other Mane 6 too, idk tho.

(hope you like how she looks now lol, also uh, about the drawing I posted a few months back that got deleted, sorry for getting all pissed. I overreacted, and thought talking back to criticism was a good thing, which it wasn't. Sorry frens)
suggestive (118908) artist:vanilla drop (29) rarity (162534) human (135994) ambiguous facial structure (2208) black and white (10035) breasts (217208) cleavage (28628) female (811975) gray background (5375) grayscale (32263) heart (39704) horn (31169) horned humanization (5923) humanized (90326) looking at you (129026) monochrome (138802) part of a set (7918) simple background (310576) solo (915290)


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