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Good bye Steven Universe…
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Background Pony #7F44
Pinkie: At least our creators weren’t FIRED!

(Spinel, Star and Mabel all do that MLG cheer around Pinkie as Luan starts to cry)
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Background Pony #208A
@Spike Number 1 Assistant
The show pretty much expects for you to get emotionally invested in a character within 3 minutes of meeting them just because they had some dark and depressing back story or something. I know that’s an exaggeration but that is what it feels like and it’s not by much. The writing and especially the pacing for there "heart felt" moments are so horrible. Their are moments that could have been heart felt if they knew a thing about pacing and get time to understand the new characters instead of immediately saying some sad stuff about them the millisecond they are on screen. I will say one thing, it is definitely a show that could of been good if it was handled by someone that actually understood what they were doing.

Steven Universe is a prime example is if you make a show that has some "dark and depressing and sometimes edgy" story then easily impressed nerds would flock on how "amazing" it is instead of seeing if the writing is actually good and it’s really not. It’s quite obvious to be a fan you need to be one person that is so easily impressed that it is quite laughable how they talk a lot about other show’s sense of writing. Sorry their are just people like me who know better.
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