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It's the holidays, so it's time to spread some holiday cheer!

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explicit332887 artist:dtcx97643 apple bloom47966 earth pony222980 pony901981 anatomically correct22525 anus91471 apple bloom's bow1180 blushing186081 bow26477 chocolate3193 christmas13698 christmas lights1710 clothes434575 cookie3511 couch7598 female1302881 filly62741 foalcon17495 food65808 hair bow14448 hat81589 holiday18956 hot chocolate1202 lantern1478 masturbation17858 nudity350018 on back23240 orgasm10746 pillow16732 ponut40965 present5784 presenting22853 snow13300 solo1018217 solo female173664 spread legs17942 spreading17665 squirting2437 sweater13860 underhoof49059 vagina47211 vaginal secretions38098 vulva119931 wallpaper18226 wallpaper for the fearless1733


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Background Pony #CC1A
Some cookies, a mug of hot cocoa and a good, relieving wank sound like a pretty comfy (XX)Xmas eve to me.
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