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Oh Discord, you scamp.
safe1879716 artist:texasuberalles454 applejack182232 discord33616 fluttershy229506 rainbow dash251250 sandbar6003 starlight glimmer53090 sunburst7593 yona5582 draconequus15372 earth pony321554 pegasus364729 pony1225683 unicorn402008 yak5278 the last problem6776 beard4331 beret2244 blaze (coat marking)2375 blushing224279 book37284 braided tail1415 cape11998 chair7837 clothes525639 cloven hooves11780 coat markings7646 colored hooves8016 cowboy hat20141 desk3735 director's chair88 dress50630 eye clipping through hair9193 eyebrows12223 eyebrows visible through hair6421 eyes closed110930 facial hair7242 facial markings3362 female1517393 flying43702 glasses72500 glowing horn23232 hat100850 hoof hold9869 horn101387 implied appledash303 implied discoshy196 implied lesbian3927 implied shipping5765 implied starburst160 implied straight5761 implied yonabar57 laughing9067 levitation13523 magic81584 male428155 mare566793 megaphone383 monkey swings1392 older31858 older applejack871 older fluttershy842 older rainbow dash1010 older sandbar133 older starlight glimmer209 older sunburst83 older yona130 ponies riding yaks14 riding8068 sandbar riding yona10 scarf26437 scary shiny glasses37 shipping fuel1734 smiling302730 socks (coat markings)4386 speech bubble28266 stallion135077 sunglasses17085 telekinesis31741 uniform12466 wall of tags4919 wonderbolts uniform6371


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Background Pony #0F19
Pony Flash get done dirty by EQG being utter the absolutely lowest point of G4, his introduction was ruined by the shitshow of an idea to shoehorn a Monster High setting in a fairy tale setting and being associated with his counterpart, a bland Ken stereotype that want to hump a horse. And they knew it, I think I recall Larson writing him off of a gag of the 100th episode that involved the poor fuck being baffled at being arbitrarily snubbed by ponies (in the context, it’s Flash the pony that was used) because they didn’t wanted drama for a celebration of FIM. A romance angle for Twilight could have worked but the main point is EQG is toxic nuclear shit that ruin everything it touch
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Background Pony #62B2
Also, Starlight’s boyfriend…. his expression is priceless!
Yona, having her boyfriend on her back, seems doing fine.

@Siarnaq (Model P)  
It’s the name of Twilight’s apprentice in the future apparently. I am hoping she is Trixie and Starlight’s, but considering the show is over, I suppose there will never be any real canon around her. I am okay with that. n.n

I thought it was funny.  
In reality the only set confirmed Ship was Pinkie and Cheese, all of the rest of them were teases and it was brilliantly done.

@Background Pony #895A  
Lauren Faust also said Twilight will not outlive the other mane six, buuut that is kind of questionable now in the canon. I tend not to worry what the writer’s say until it’s in the show itself. But I have to agree, it is all in good fun and does not matter much at the end. Write what ya like and interpret it however makes you happiest. n.n
SO long as Flash Sentry is alone. : D
Darth Sonic
Friendship, Art, and Magic (2019) - Celebrated Derpibooru's seventh year anniversary with friends.
Friendship, Art, and Magic (2018) - Celebrated Derpibooru's six year anniversary with friends.

Let me repeat: THERE IS A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN CANONIZATION AND TEASING. You are right to say it isn’t canon, or that Startrix won’t be in the future via the IDW comics.
But if you think all of this was completely innocent, I have a bridge to sell you.
Darth Sonic
Friendship, Art, and Magic (2019) - Celebrated Derpibooru's seventh year anniversary with friends.
Friendship, Art, and Magic (2018) - Celebrated Derpibooru's six year anniversary with friends.

Ship-Teasing is different from “This ship is canon” and the writers and animators are not blind innocent children. Discoshy and Appledash were definitely teased, but with a lot of plausible deniability.
Background Pony #F834
I dont care much personally for starburst. I mean, I’d be okay if it did happen but I think most of the reason people are saying it was ship teased was because I saw the writer Josh Haber on twitter saying “mayyybbee ;)” when somebody asked if luster dawn was the child of sunburst and starlight. He also said “coullllld beee ;)” with a huge wink. When some asked if fluttercord and appledash was canon. I personally think Josh haber threw a big shipping bone tease to the audience. As I never saw anything in the finale that made me see starburst as anything confirmed or even implied but…now that the writer implied both on twitter. It’s really kind of an “iffy” game now. But either way, it doesnt Matter. At the end of the day its still just cartoon horse shipping which was left open for interruptation for everyone to enjoy. So nobody is really more right or wrong in the situation.

@Background Pony #DDDA  
heh, over analysis is the way to madness my friend. Many times I have to remind myself that I have likely thought more into this than the writers and I need to stop that. Love the show but sometimes they just miss their own continuity or make ponies act very odd to force some point.
The ending was fine, I dislike the more blatant pairings “Pinkie and cheese being the main one that comes to mind”, but the others are all mostly debatable. There was some good signs for the other pairings, I just saw nothing like that from Sunburst and Starlight next to eachother in the hall. It’d be like them walking in on Luna and Celestia talking and assuming they were incestuous. It’s possible, buuuut not likely what was being driven at.
Or when Trixie was going down the hallway with that gryphon kid. I doubt that is her kid or love interest. -;;
Background Pony #7709
Of course. Startrix is awesome, and I myself don’t ship starburst, but I don’t deny the fact that there was a bit of ship tease (with luster dawn doing the same classic starlight face).  
Same thing with fluttercord. I do not like this ship, and with bad faith I can say that Discord gave him a taxi by gate and a snack because they are good friends, but no, I can admit that the writers show that with this intention. There’s a subtext behind this. They didn’t just randomly put starlight and sunburst next to each other. I believe there’s an intention behind every little thing but then again maybe i’m over analyzing, especially in the final (then again i don’t ship fluttercord appledash and starburst; but after the final i can see them being lovers)  
Just my opinion

eh, I don’t see that at all. They seemed to be awkward friends at best to me with Starlight having a unhealthy obsession with him until Twilight showed her another way to live passed it, and Trixie became her first and best friend…and possibly more. . Not sure who Luster Dawn is admittedly, but I can forget names at times, there is a ton of ponies in the show. n.n;;
Just my opinion mind you, you can look into any of these character and find reasons to pair them up short of the obviously canon married ones.
Artist -

Starlight and Sunburst weren’t just talking. They run the school together and probably live together since Sunburst had to move to Ponyville to take that job. It was Starlight’s happily ever after ending. Her origin story was about being separated from Sunburst and now she’s spending the rest of her life with him as they live a purpose filled life… Luster Dawn was just a bonus that annoys the haters.

@Background Pony #DDDA  
True, but same with Sunburst and Glimmer. The only scene with them has them talking when the mane six come into the school. And after next scene or two Trixie does go over to stand near Glimmer, though I feel a pony standing next to another meaning they are romantically involved is purely reserved for Lyra and Bon Bon. -