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Third noble gas. Argon represents only 1% of the atmosphere. Very stable, it is used in lightbulbs to prevent the oxydation on the electrical filament. Its light emits a purple color. Twilight enjoys doing experiments with this gas as the light sparkles in her coat color.
safe1615219 artist:zefrenchm50 twilight sparkle288260 alicorn205977 pony882897 adorkable3330 argon11 atom40 bulb18 cute186197 dork3582 female1285819 flag3550 periodic table194 simple background361024 solo1003389 transparent background187044 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118359 united kingdom285


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Argon represents only 1% of the atmosphere.

It's still the third most common gas in Earth's atmosphere by a huge margin.
After nitrogen, oxygen and argon, all of the remaining gases combined make up less than 0.05% of atmosphere.