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It's another fanart for a fanfiction "It takes a while" by BittyBug

Here's the SpeedPaint:
safe (1485504) artist:starwantrix (128) sunset shimmer (53169) trixie (58507) alicorn (175636) bear (918) human (135821) ursa (73) ursa minor (528) fanfic:it takes a while (2) equestria girls (167502) blushing (162115) clothes (375873) constellation (602) cutie mark (36119) diatrixes (2492) explicit source (4607) fanfic (9813) fanfic art (11960) fanfic in the description (134) female (810237) hoodie (10895) horn (31017) horned humanization (5918) humanized (90255) kissing (20951) lesbian (86137) panties (43292) purple underwear (1833) shipping (171880) shoes (26065) skirt (33078) sneakers (4367) socks (52054) stars (12129) suntrix (527) thigh highs (25286) thighs (5903) underwear (51762) upskirt (5062) wingding eyes (17163) wings (59016)


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Sci-Twi Lover
Love for the Another Time!
Sunset Shimmer is getting used to her new routine; one that involves dealing with her angry peers as they wrongfully assume her to be Anon-a-miss. Tired and depressed, Sunset tries to end her life. In failing to do so, she gains several new companions, one of whom may become something more…

Will Sunset decide to give life another try? Will Anon-a-miss' identity be revealed? Why are the Dazzlings being so kind?

Sunset will find the answers to these questions and many more; it just might take a while.