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"My Little Pony: Socks Are Magic"
WebM ripped from the source.

Original description:
A weird fashion has taken over Equestria. Yeah, you guessed it right. Now every mare in every corner of Equestrian land wears socks (however there are some exceptions :D).
Twilight was given a very dangerous and crazy task: to find out where this massive obsession came from and why socks make ponies 20% cuter.

Darn, the process of socking ponies took more than I expected.
Did you know that Celestia's mane waves in 12 fps while Luna's in 24?

My Little Pony belongs to Hasbro, everything in this video is just for fun.
safe1639282 artist:grayfur3 edit125708 edited screencap60823 screencap213725 angel bunny9598 apple bloom48003 applejack164559 berry punch6361 berryshine6353 big macintosh27412 carrot cake2026 carrot top5306 cheerilee9668 chelsea porcelain80 cloud kicker1910 crafty crate107 cup cake3962 derpy hooves49072 discord29738 fluttershy205655 geri73 golden harvest5306 granny smith5196 lightning bolt895 mayor mare3166 mr. waddle231 photo finish2558 pinkie pie209925 princess celestia92306 princess luna96529 rainbow dash226570 rarity175930 scootaloo50133 sea swirl1509 seafoam1509 serena124 snails5210 snips4132 spike76646 spring melody1107 sprinkle medley1107 steamer59 sunshower raindrops2313 sweetie belle47778 twilight sparkle291730 white lightning895 zecora9060 alicorn211078 dragon52176 earth pony224089 pegasus266038 pony905037 unicorn295457 zebra16682 animated95284 balloon9853 canterlot5452 clothes435583 colt14073 cutie mark crusaders18572 dialogue62030 dialogue box86 female1305118 filly62873 flying36182 friendship express385 golden oaks library4812 hot air balloon930 intro442 male351128 mane seven6250 mane six30847 mare449766 opening332 opening theme53 ponies in socks13 ponyville5489 rainbow socks1504 royal guard7269 socks62041 socks edit2 sound8011 speech bubble21698 stallion100654 striped socks20555 the cakes101 theme song376 twilight sparkle (alicorn)119918 twinkling balloon399 webm11868 youtube link4763


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Neko Majin C
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

Twilight's Westley
Every mare in every corner of Equestrian land wears socks (however there are some exceptions :D).
Aside from Big Mac, only the females are wearing socks. Granny Smith is the only female not wearing socks. She seems to be morally or culturally against them as she is telling Big Mac to remove them. Or, maybe she is just against Big Mac wearing them because socks are considered female fashion. The latter makes more sense since Big Mac is known to cross dress. Since socks are female fashion, and Big Mac is openly wearing them in public, it could mean that Big Mac feels more confident and sexy dressed femininely.
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