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Can’t get the source for this one. Apparently uploaded on an image board and at some point on EqD.
source needed (11072)safe (1395321)artist:madmax (1621)soarin' (12321)spitfire (11792)annoyed (4021)clothes (344496)cloud (27805)dialogue (47563)featured image (684)female (726531)fire (8371)flying (28512)food (48763)goggles (11397)hoof hold (5675)looking back (40317)male (247310)mare (318478)marshmallow (979)open mouth (100587)pegasus (178269)ponies riding ponies (1858)pony (664439)silly (6301)silly pony (2607)speech bubble (15875)spitfiery (79)spitfire is not amused (17)stallion (69163)unamused (10689)uniform (7303)walking campfire (30)wonderbolts uniform (4765)

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Background Pony #D87D
Soarin, when she lands your gonna be in a full body wing and hoof cast drinking through a straw.
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Comments55 comments posted