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Can't get the source for this one. Apparently uploaded on an image board and at some point on EqD.
source needed13409 safe1590019 artist:madmax1643 soarin'13389 spitfire12814 pegasus245129 pony856956 annoyed5110 clothes414645 cloud27554 dialogue61083 featured image791 female934002 fire10175 flying34701 food61850 goggles13333 hoof hold7440 looking back49853 male310673 mare421531 marshmallow1145 open mouth125100 ponies riding ponies2097 silly7081 silly pony2877 speech bubble20828 spitfiery82 spitfire is not amused24 stallion94445 unamused14020 uniform9393 walking campfire38 wonderbolts uniform5414


not provided yet


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Background Pony #E457
Soarin, when she lands your gonna be in a full body wing and hoof cast drinking through a straw.
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cya on a better booru
Madmax was the gift that kept on giving.
People have looked into it but found nothing substantial.
Hopefully she‘s just off the ride.
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