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Thumbnail for DA request for YangIsCool.

He wants "Dash and Daring Do doing some roleplay, with Dash as the villain who captured Daring… and is way too enthusiastic about her role."

So Rainbow Dash will be doing a cosplay of Doctor Caballeron for her roleplay session with Daring Do. To that, here is a thumbnail of what a female Caballeron costume would look like. Designing this took a bit. Although derpibooru has 589 images to his tag, very little of Caballeron's artwork is anthro. Worse still, there is no anthro artwork at all of that pony that did a femme Caballeron cosplay in 'stranger than fan fiction.' >>2024818 So this will be the first arthro version of that on that site. Now I just need to make it look more like Dash doing a femme Caballeron cosplay.
safe1640112 artist:supra80438 doctor caballeron773 earth pony224366 pony905738 anthro245913 unguligrade anthro45433 stranger than fan fiction1032 background pony9791 clothes435971 cosplay27218 costume26402 female1305827 grayscale36690 mare450124 monochrome146129 rule 6325852 shorts13118 sketch60058 solo1020571 traditional art113593


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