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I had a slumber party with all my [former] foes / I’m always gonna answer when you call my [dragon] / Like, what’s up danger?

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safe (1459868)artist:dstears (545)cozy glow (4676)princess luna (89331)queen chrysalis (29986)starlight glimmer (39311)sunset shimmer (51945)tempest shadow (12372)trixie (57341)twilight sparkle (265634)alicorn (170364)changeling (34103)changeling queen (8674)pegasus (198367)pony (724981)unicorn (215963)a better ending for chrysalis (29)a better ending for cozy (54)angry (20607)broken horn (10225)brushing (349)clothes (366450)costume (22719)cozybetes (424)cute (154269)cutealis (1524)diatrixes (2429)digital art (7971)drink (3877)evil grin (3308)eye scar (3802)eyes closed (70079)female (786913)filly (52464)foal (12693)food (53113)footed sleeper (449)glimmerbetes (3018)grin (28930)horn (28833)imminent pillow fight (4)kigurumi (462)levitation (9058)lipstick (8364)lunabetes (2703)lying down (8102)madorable (416)magic (59209)makeover (382)makeup (14703)mare (351755)mouth hold (13679)pajamas (2587)paw socks (20)phone (4423)pillow (13281)pillow fight (190)pizza (1474)queen chrysalis is not amused (34)scar (8808)shimmerbetes (3554)sitting (47507)slumber party (144)smiling (188712)socks (50520)striped socks (17094)telekinesis (21556)tempestbetes (799)thigh highs (24437)twiabetes (8652)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (105156)unamused (11684)


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Life is but a dream
Inviting the villains, kinda reminds me of how some kid’s social groups actually do include the bullies to their parties, and such.
Kinda like how in "Phineus and Ferb," they have the friendly bully Buefford.
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Digital Seapony
Princess Book Horse fan.
I mean, if you want to be the one to tell Miss Starlight "I use alicorn-tier magic to avoid having to deal with simple interpersonal problems" Glimmer she has to kick her marefriend out of the sleepover, be my guest. :P
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MLP, Megaman, Modularity
Princess Luna and Twilight are played by real-life sisters Azure Crescent and Stellar Orbit. Respectively a pegasus and unicorn, they’ve grown accustomed to their horn and wing props, which the director graciously allowed them to keep.

Though Starlight Glimmer and Queen Chrysalis were bitter rivals to the end, actresses Aurora Trail and Moth Flame get along quite well. At least, until you ask about their preferred styles of makeup. Then things get a little testy.

Like most popular child stars, Ivory Tower has a natural talent for "sugary subterfuge" as Cozy Glow. But truth be told, she hates doing it on camera, and revels in every chance to act devious malicious, or downright insane. Sleight Hoof, actress for Trixie, often uses this as an excuse to annoy Ivory between takes.

Solar Flair and Fizzlepop Berrytwist were long-standing members of the show’s writing crew. Their respective films, as well as quite a few episode scripts, are based on real-life situations they went through as fillies. They’re most comfortable on the sidelines, a safe distance from their friends’ wacky antics, but close enough for their smiles and waves to be seen.
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In Treue fest
The Queen doesn’t seem to be greatly enjoying this particular bonding exercise, but at least Cozy knows how to liven things up.
I must say, this is utterly delightful! Twilight, Sunset and Tempest are especially adorable here!
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