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I had a slumber party with all my [former] foes / I’m always gonna answer when you call my [dragon] / Like, what’s up danger?

~[DA alt-source]
safe1615712 artist:dstears619 cozy glow6717 princess luna95501 queen chrysalis33384 starlight glimmer45645 sunset shimmer58911 tempest shadow16163 trixie64004 twilight sparkle288317 alicorn206074 changeling42974 changeling queen13871 pegasus257306 pony883490 unicorn285272 a better ending for chrysalis97 a better ending for cozy125 age regression1345 angry25013 broken horn13194 brushing403 clothes426014 costume25927 cozybetes1166 cute186271 cutealis2100 diatrixes2953 digital art14997 drink4525 evil grin4101 eye scar4613 eyes closed84088 female1286184 filly61623 foal15112 food64288 footed sleeper533 glimmerbetes3575 go-karting with bowser3 grin34630 horn52068 imminent pillow fight5 kigurumi532 levitation11146 lipstick10112 lunabetes3292 lying down12039 madorable607 magic68447 makeover405 makeup19140 mare439503 mouth hold15995 pajamas3047 pajamas party1 party1754 paw socks44 phone5475 pillow16391 pillow fight215 pizza1785 queen chrysalis is not amused77 scar10860 shimmerbetes4107 sitting57504 slumber party170 smiling224531 socks59663 striped socks20040 telekinesis25637 tempestbetes2604 thigh highs30514 twiabetes10837 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118383 unamused14626


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Chrysalis: I hate you, Starlight.
Starlight: I know.
Chrysalis: I hate you so much right now!
Starlight: I know.
Chrysalis: The only one I hate worse than you is that insufferable Cozy Glow…
Starlight: So are we teaming up against her for the pillow fight?
Chrysalis: Sighs Sure…
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seems like it. I mean I know its nothing compared to positive feedback I just pointing out there is always at least 1 guy who just sits on derpiboru and goes from one art to another no matter the quality or theme and just down votes it to feel like he did hit fandom or achieved some hits in his crusade against whatever it is. I can be wrong of course but just saying how I see it
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Inviting the villains, kinda reminds me of how some kid's social groups actually do include the bullies to their parties, and such.
Kinda like how in "Phineus and Ferb," they have the friendly bully Buefford.
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I mean, if you want to be the one to tell Miss Starlight "I use alicorn-tier magic to avoid having to deal with simple interpersonal problems" Glimmer she has to kick her marefriend out of the sleepover, be my guest. :P

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Princess Luna and Twilight are played by real-life sisters Azure Crescent and Stellar Orbit. Respectively a pegasus and unicorn, they've grown accustomed to their horn and wing props, which the director graciously allowed them to keep.

Though Starlight Glimmer and Queen Chrysalis were bitter rivals to the end, actresses Aurora Trail and Moth Flame get along quite well. At least, until you ask about their preferred styles of makeup. Then things get a little testy.

Like most popular child stars, Ivory Tower has a natural talent for "sugary subterfuge" as Cozy Glow. But truth be told, she hates doing it on camera, and revels in every chance to act devious malicious, or downright insane. Sleight Hoof, actress for Trixie, often uses this as an excuse to annoy Ivory between takes.

Solar Flair and Fizzlepop Berrytwist were long-standing members of the show's writing crew. Their respective films, as well as quite a few episode scripts, are based on real-life situations they went through as fillies. They're most comfortable on the sidelines, a safe distance from their friends' wacky antics, but close enough for their smiles and waves to be seen.

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The Queen doesn't seem to be greatly enjoying this particular bonding exercise, but at least Cozy knows how to liven things up.
I must say, this is utterly delightful! Twilight, Sunset and Tempest are especially adorable here!