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It's the art of the Amazon!

Characters belong to Equestria Girls & Hasbro
Story by THE AE TEAM
Art by Atariboy2600
safe1639292 artist:atariboy2600249 artist:bluecarnationstudios179 rarity175931 sci-twi22983 sunset shimmer60065 twilight sparkle291734 human148617 comic:the amazonian effect191 comic:the amazonian effect iii96 equestria girls191135 ahhh17 armpits42119 breasts260832 busty rarity11974 carousel boutique1999 clothes435586 crystal prep academy uniform3291 high heels10334 measuring tape1029 rarity's glasses559 red eyes5638 school uniform6960 shoes33558 this will end in snu snu and/or death19 transformation10132


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Background Pony #1A45
Going off how Twilight has acted before it won't take long before Rarity's hulk out causes her to lose control too and start bursting out of her uniform.
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