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NOTE: I did not make the main picture. I only edited the feet. All credit goes to the original artist.

Hands down, the best new background character from EQG in terms of design. ;)
safe1639184 artist:jeglegator128 edit125697 editor:thomasfan45255 desert sage140 human148615 equestria girls191114 equestria girls series30966 spring breakdown2510 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)13064 adorasexy9140 armpits42117 background human6265 bare shoulders2099 barefoot26223 belt5048 bouncing4615 bouncing breasts3587 breasts260763 bustier65 busty desert sage35 clothes435545 cute189640 dancing7995 eyeshadow14438 feet37519 female1304995 jewelry57172 makeup19768 necklace16906 open mouth133424 pants13385 pearl necklace1104 purple background2711 sageabetes8 sexy27432 signature21476 simple background370740 solo1019912 strapless1335


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