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Fluttershy: Oh, I feel so happy that I got this juice for the Ponyville Market. I hope this tastes really good. (drinks the juice, which reads "DRINK ME", and then starts shrinking) Huh? Why am I shrinking. Oh, dearie my. I knew I should've read what was said on that bottle before drinking it next time. (hides in the bushes with flowers)

Meanwhile, Raspberry Vinaigrette was trotting on the grass, when all of a sudden she saw the juice that read "DRINK ME".

Raspberry Vinaigrette: (picks up the juice with her hoof) Hmm. This juice sure looks good, but it's all empty. I wonder who drunk it.

Fluttershy: (appears out of the bush, who is tiny-sized) Surprise!

Raspberry Vinaigrette: (gasps) Where in the world did a tiny pony like you come from? I've never such tiny ponies like you.

Fluttershy: Well, you see… It's this juice that made me shrink. And now, I'm tiny. I just love being tiny ponies, even if I am a shy pony.

Raspberry Vinaigrette: You look so adorable. Wait a sec! Aren't you that pony that Discord told me the year before?

Fluttershy: Why, yes, of course. I'm Fluttershy.

Raspberry Vinaigrette: So, you are Fluttershy. I forgot all about your name. Now I know why Discord told me about you. He said you're the most shyest pony of them all. I think I need to go get you somewhere in Ponyville safe. Come on. (Raspberry Vinaigrette carries the empty juice and walked to Ponyville, while the tiny Fluttershy followed her.)


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