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Silverstream: D’aww. Sorry Sandy! You’re cute the way you are.

Sandbar: Not helping my dignity here.

Gallus: Mate, you’ve happily dressed as a cheerleader and this is what it takes to hurt your dignity?

Smolder: You’re still taller than Ocellus!

Ocellus: Hey!

Yona: Everycreature taller than changeling.

Silverstream: *glomps Sandbar* It’s alright. You’re still growing! I bet you’ll easily be taller than Gallus

Gallus: Hey!


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Resident snarky dragon
I wonder, if Ocellus wanted to make herself look taller, she could just … make herself taller. After all, she is a changeling. It's interesting that changelings have a sense of a "ground state" or a "natural state" at all.