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My take on Ocellus shedding her skin.

Smolder: Ocellus?! I thought— I saw you weren’t moving and I— Don’t scare me like that again!!

Gallus: Heh. Given how much time you spent reading, I figured you were just too busy reading to go to the bathroom.

Silverstream: Wait, there’s two Ocellus? Ocelluses? Ocelli?

Yona: Yona concerned about friend Silverstream now.

Sandbar: I’m sorry, Ocellus. I guess I forgot to tell the others you were going through a molt.

Ocellus: *unamused bug noises*

Ocellus’ old exoskeleton: *unamused exoskeleton noises*

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Jonny Manz
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Interesting – I like the implication that the exoskeleton retains some sentience for a little while immediately after it’s been shed. After that, I imagine Ocellus will want to dispose of it carefully, make sure Gallus can’t pull anything using it.
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