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Tasty ponies. Kinda…. fatly

Vore theme, patreon reward x)
Artwork by me Sunny Way
Characters belongs to Hasbro
Patreon reward for I am unknown

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suggestive135158 artist:sunny way708 princess celestia92277 alicorn210921 anthro245501 unguligrade anthro45380 bbw4131 belly26678 big belly10057 black and white12332 breasts260555 busty princess celestia9772 chubbylestia856 fat21024 fat fetish1340 feather5558 female1304376 fetish37511 grayscale36659 horn55662 huge belly2875 hyper9591 hyper belly562 implied death2472 implied digestion461 mare449308 monochrome146056 open mouth133290 post-vore1029 princess vorestia446 soft vore1069 solo1019452 vore13833 wings92826


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An absolute goddess!! I’d love to rub and worship her big, full, beautiful belly while she eats more prey! I want her glorious gut or plot to smother me! 😍😍😍
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