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Lyra: Hey Bon Bon!
Bon Bon: Hi Lyra!
Lyra : Let's go flying Bon Bon!
Bon Bon: Wha… Lyra, I can't fly…
Lyra: I don't care Bon Bon!
Bon Bon: What do you mean you don't care? You can't fly either… you're a unicorn!
Lyra : Then why are these here?
Bon Bon: What the… When or how did you become an alicorn?
Lyra: I don't know Bon Bon!
Bon Bon: What? What do you mean you don't know?
Lyra: I don't know Bon Bon, it just happened Bon Bon… that's a normal thing right?
Bon Bon: Umm… no… but…
Bon Bon: Whatever… let's go Lyra… just don't drop me…
Lyra : Okay Bon Bon… I will try!


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