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Why the tag ponygen wallpapers, you may ask? Well, here's why:

A long time ago I had this pony themed app called PonyGen on my iPod back in high school that would generate community made wallpapers every day. It was sort of like iFunny where there’d be some featured wallpapers then you could fav some and also search by character, though the search function was super wonky. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem that app is around anymore and I also had uninstalled it when I was younger, it seems. I'll be uploading these so they're saved on Derpi and also so I can clear them from my iPod unless I really like them.

On another note, if the artist or editor who made these wants them taken down from Derpi, I will happily oblige.

Please feel free to tag as needed as I'll be trying to upload these in batches and sometimes they may duplicate since my iPod is… really old

After some digging, this seems to be a trace/edit of this picture, which is also here on Derpi
artist needed (24072) safe (1488174) edit (106563) ponygen wallpapers (15) princess luna (90390) alicorn (176098) pony (766576) bust (34777) female (812765) horn (31231) jewelry (43058) mare (367498) open mouth (110907) phone wallpaper (299) portrait (26280) purple sky (58) regalia (13840) s1 luna (6545) tiara (2636) wallpaper (17078) wallpaper edit (2201)


not provided yet


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