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commission of the Dazzlings in Christmas sweaters! qwq i designed them myself to fit each of them

#Dazzlings #DazzlingDecember #theDazzlings #AdagioDazzle #AriaBlaze #SonataDusk #EquestriaGirls #MLP #commissionart
safe1637129 artist:rileyav617 adagio dazzle12388 equestria girls190810 adoragio445 alcohol6760 blushing186127 bow26484 christmas13702 christmas lights1710 cute189304 cutie mark on clothes1580 disguise4406 disguised siren589 female1303073 fire10750 fireplace2651 glass4362 hair bow14451 hand on hip5368 holiday18961 ribbon6809 smiling229691 solo1018393 stupid sexy adagio dazzle460 wine2429 wine glass1359


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those wonder if the outcome was to have adagio end up topless as the intentions are to spill red wine on her ugly sweater.
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