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The blue pony steps out into an open field, surrounded by chairs, flowers, and an arch. Feeling lost and confused, he glances down at his own hooves and notices that he's wearing…lace? His tail feels confined and he turns his head to see why, a skirt?! He's in a dress?! Out of the corner of his eye he notices the green coat of his brother, of who is wearing a suit. "What's going on!?" He asks, demanding an answer.

"What do you mean 'what's going on', this was your idea." His brother responds.

"This looks like a bloody WEDDING." The blue pony says. "And why am I wearing a dress?!"

"Oh that part was my idea, I thought you looked cuter that way, dear."

"…Dear?" The blue pony questions.

"Don't you remember? A law was passed recently, as long as a related couple is unable to conceive young, they're allowed to get married with no issues." The green pony explains.


"Do I have to spell it out for you? We're getting married!"

The blue pony wants to yell out loud, but for some reason, his mouth doesn't open and make noise. Instead, lacking sudden free will, he steps up to his brother, and around him, ponies appear in the previously empty seats. His brother holds out a hoof and he meets it with his own, unable to stop himself from doing it. His brother goes to lean in for a kiss-

The blue pony wakes up from sleeping, his muzzles pressed against a body pillow of himself in a kissing position; the pillow is covered with drool. Upon realizing he's now awake and that whole wedding thing was a DREAM, he tosses the pillow on the floor and lays in bed in shock for a few moments while he processes through his mind what just happened. Why was he dreaming about MARRYING HIS OWN BROTHER? He HATES him…right? He feels disgusting just laying there so he gets up to take a cold shower and wash away the shame.

It's a dream, lol, I swear. Loosely, very losely, based off a fanfic that only shares a concept, but otherwise nothing else. The final chapter includes a wedding that completely threw me off then I first read it, but said incest wedding stuck in my mind and makes me think of this story all the time, so it was a good idea I suppose.

Crossdressing because it's funny. Forked Sugar Belle's dress (not a 1:1 copy but it is mimicked) because she's not a royal, and also I don't like how this dress looks much, but it looks 10x worse on him, which is a good thing in the context of this image. He hates it, and it looks weird on him.

This image is really fucking stupid but it was fun to do. Also I think someone in a thread on the forums wanted to see more incest weddings, so, enjoy? Even tho this is technically a dream.
safe1638762 artist:lightningbolt869 derpibooru exclusive26555 earth pony223930 pegasus265824 pony904469 undead1840 zombie2215 zombie pony637 .svg available8027 arch53 bags under eyes1863 blushing186379 bone2860 book31991 bowtie9418 bring me the horizon386 brothers781 clothes435380 colored blushing14 colored pupils9046 colored sclera659 crossdressing8784 diamond696 dream sequence28 dress42202 fangs23421 floppy ears48876 flower23904 flying36162 gay26087 glasgow smile138 hedge91 holding hooves1529 hoof hold7836 hoof on hip118 incest12957 lace754 lidded eyes28888 long sleeves413 looking down7861 male350945 marriage1186 oliver sykes350 outdoors9062 pierce the veil96 ponified39494 ponytail16732 raised hoof42033 shipping191510 shirt22979 shocked6392 siblings7458 stallion100599 standing11231 story included8537 suit5465 surprised8717 svg3498 tattoo5076 tom sykes42 undershirt362 vector74127 vic fuentes70 wedding1357 wedding arch8 wedding dress1700


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the only cold can endure is a cold shower

have you heard: Avenged Sevenfold — A Little Piece Of Heaven.

We're coming back, coming back
We'll live forever, live forever
Let's have wedding, have a wedding
Let's start the killing, start the killing

the dream could be heaven or could be Hell
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