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been working on this for a few days, im happy it's finally finished! little luna with her big sister celestia taking her to the arcade!

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commission me!
safe1616378 artist:bunxl277 applejack162667 fluttershy203075 pinkie pie207546 princess celestia91200 princess luna95539 rainbow dash224128 rarity173840 starlight glimmer45659 trixie64037 twilight sparkle288397 alicorn206215 bear1176 pony884218 ursa143 ursa minor585 claw machine71 crown15159 cute186365 cutelestia3340 eyes closed84135 female1286660 jewelry55337 lunabetes3301 mane six30387 mare439717 plushie22530 regalia17712 s1 luna7038


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