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It's mail delivery! But from different timeline!
Created in Source Filmmaker

Space Map Remastered:
Derpy V6:
Mailmare Uniform with the Package and the Letter:
HD Planets:
BTTF DeLorean:
BTTF DeLorean Particle Effect:
UFO from TF2 Invasion Assets:
Wheatley from Portal 2:
Spacedock from Star Trek:
Century-Class Ship from Star Trek:
and other props from various Valve Games.

DeviantArt Link:
safe (1488169) artist:alicorntwilysparkle (29) derpy hooves (46790) pegasus (208273) pony (766573) 3d (55147) back to the future (371) doctor who (2948) epic derpy (301) female (812759) food (55017) letter (2749) mailmare (971) muffin (5942) package (289) portal (valve) (1044) revamped ponies (142) saturn (49) solo (915721) source filmmaker (32938) space (4249) star trek (861) tardis (1274) ufo (126) wheatley (137)


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