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Don't know why I held on to this edit for so long but never posted it.
safe1635795 artist:phucknuckl440 edit125272 apple bloom47943 applejack164254 big macintosh27365 bon bon15853 boulder (pet)1255 cheerilee9654 derpy hooves48988 dj pon-328626 fili-second804 fluttershy205264 gabby2238 gallus6324 gilda9321 granny smith5188 humdrum444 masked matter-horn795 maud pie12136 mistress marevelous708 ocellus4965 pinkie pie209548 princess cadance31462 princess celestia92154 princess flurry heart6794 princess luna96373 radiance781 rainbow dash226202 rarity175618 saddle rager810 sandbar5162 scootaloo50083 shining armor22327 silverstream5760 smolder7351 spike76525 spitfire13044 starlight glimmer46399 sunburst6299 sunset shimmer59851 sweetie belle47731 sweetie drops15853 thorax4120 trixie64848 twilight sparkle291233 vinyl scratch28626 yona4816 zapp772 zecora9050 alicorn210235 changedling7805 changeling43894 classical hippogriff4688 dragon51921 earth pony222606 griffon25518 hippogriff8953 pegasus264458 pony900947 rabbit4824 unicorn293552 yak4320 zebra16629 my little pocket ponies103 absurd resolution64767 adorabon622 adorasmith95 amiibo63 animal3832 apple15447 book31932 bow26431 cheeribetes392 chibi13645 cloven hooves9348 cowboy hat14311 cute189076 cutedance1191 cutefire204 cutie mark crusaders18550 diaocelles998 diastreamies1158 dragoness7411 female1301945 flurrybetes895 food65718 gabbybetes404 gallabetes828 gildadorable353 hair bow14429 hat81478 hockey stick65 king thorax2734 lasso1220 macabetes492 male349948 mane six30785 mare448060 mask6192 maudabetes461 monkey swings1269 mouth hold16287 parody15414 pocket ponies279 power ponies2627 present5773 rope10856 royal sisters4147 sandabetes674 scroll3258 shining adorable548 simple background369469 sleigh bell sweetie belle5 sleigh belle5 smolderbetes1119 stallion100170 straw in mouth923 student six1533 sunbetes271 sunglasses13668 thorabetes271 transparent background191975 twilight sparkle (alicorn)119720 vinylbetes643 wall of tags2801 yonadorable736 zecorable192


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