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In a country where the beautiful half is 75-80 percent of the population, naturally relations will be built very differently. This the wanderer learned from his experience in the capital.

In Canterlot bohemia and aristocracy are not spoiled, as such an in his homeland. However, metropolitan ponies know how enjoying their life.

One day, while the wanderer was in Cantelot, he was approached by Sweet Biscuit, a unicorn who ran a pastry shop on one of the city's main streets. Pony wanted to commission a portrait, hinting that the work was delicate and very personal.
The artist, who had previously successfully coped with another "delicate" order of a cellist, saw no reason to refuse.

Arriving at Biscuit's house at the appointed time, the wanderer discussed the last details with her and set to work. The unicorn stretched out on the sofa, giving a perfect view of the curves of her thin figure, drenched in translucent fabric.

The artist took the picture and was about to leave to start work, but the filly asked him to stay for a while. Sweet walked over to the artist, put her hooves on his shoulders, rearing up. She clung to him, whispered softly.

The pony heard about the fact that artists often gave their work without asking for anything in return and without. Now offered as well, demanding nothing in return, share the Mare's kindness and warmth.
"However, to impose gifts is ugly. I won't be offended if you don't accept mine.»
"Lady, this is … unexpected. But, if it come from the heart…»
The artist stroked the unicorn's cheek.
"If so, I will be glad to accept your gift»

Original art by Nevobaster:
suggestive135024 artist:ashenonedreamer29 artist:nevobaster231 sweet biscuit386 pony902096 unicorn294088 clothes434629 corset4084 craft4387 crossed hooves1791 engraving232 female1302985 led155 lingerie9969 looking at you156401 mare448554 prone24417 socks61784 solo1018315 solo female173689 story included8519 thigh highs32234


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