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Originally posted on: March 11, 2014


※Click this link and listen my music work~!!!※
Please like my video~my music work
thank you

I guess every one had heard "Bolero" ,right?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LWcpw3GAAms (dead link)

it's a very very famous orchestra music composed by J.Reval, it is very well know for many TV show, movie ,video game and lots of lots of commercial had showen this melody before.

This is my new Orchestra piece, and i actually using the same idea with this "Bolero", you can listen it and tell it, so i still call it "Bolero"and infact, this is the "Bolero in pony style"
because the whole theme melody is the tune of Princess Celestia, and i would like to give this music to "the Solar empire"

Viva celesta ,it's Italin means "long live ,Celestia "

and hope you enjoy it

wish i can conduct this music by myself one day….
safe1601230 artist:avchonline196 oc617204 oc only412895 oc:sean46 pegasus252400 semi-anthro10980 baton213 cloak3874 clothes419988 colt13557 cover art1073 earth1034 flower23128 flower in hair6849 male338807 pegasus oc6260 solo992830 space4688 spread wings49022 sun6044 wings84466


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